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Do you know what kind of mold you need? I can help. From high volume RAM press molds to simple slump molds, I will work with you to find the right mold. Or maybe you just have a drawing? I can work with you to make it ready for production.

molds for molds

Ramp up production with a master mold impression! Have as many molds as your studio can handle. With a mother mold you can archive your designs and replace worn out working molds. 


Each mold is different and requires more or less time to finish. There are one part molds, two part molds, etc. For example, a simple one part slump mold could be done in an afternoon. But usually, more parts needed equals more time needed.  I can give a rough estimate based on a photo, but for a firm quote, I will need the model. Contact me for my current hourly rates. 

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